The Firm’s experience expands over many subjects. We share the knowledge below that has assisted clients and organizations navigate legal issues to empower others in similar situations.

Guides & Handbooks

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Know Your Customer Handbook

Identification of Entities and Other Issues

A concise resource to identify who your customer is, including entities, and documentation needed to establish the existence of your customer, the authority of the representative with whom you are dealing to act for and bind the entity, and tips on how to verify and double-check such matters. Includes forms for establishing authority.

A Guideline for the Director

Legal Handbook for Individuals Serving on a Board of Directors

Compiled over the years to address the duties and obligations of directors, primarily in the context of cooperatives, this is a concise and accessible resource for individuals serving as directors of any organization.

Handbook on Entitlement to Capital Credits of Deceased Member

A resource for cooperatives to address the most common problems which arise in determining the parties entitled to receive an early payout of capital credits owing to a deceased member and to protect the cooperative against claims by other alleged heirs/claimants.


A History of the Rural Electrification Administration and Cooperatives

By Dulan D. Elder
A brief overview of the creation and early days of the REA and Cooperatives and their roles in bringing electric power and telephone service to the rural areas of the United States.

On the Constitutionality of Involuntary Military Service

78 Case and Comment 14, No. 1, 1973